Tevo Trantula 3D Printer Latest Marlin Firmware V 1.1.9 Upgrade

Why you should upgrade to Latest Marlin Firmware to your Tevo Trantula 3D printer?

And the answer is Power Loss Resume Feature that is added in the Latest Marlin Firmware versions 1.1.9.


Many of us are struggling with the power loss while 3D printing something big or something very important.
Its very Frustrating when you are about to finish your print and power loss happens, because of that you have to survive the loss of Materials as well as the time and electricity you printer has consumed for any prints.

And this is the solution to this problem, the latest Marlin Firmware that has the Feature of Power loss resume print , simply Flash you motherboard with latest Marlin Firmware 1.1.9 and enjoy printing without hassle, No loss of material , No loss of time and electricity, Enjoy 3DPrinting and Making things and stuffs.

Download the Latest Marlin Firmware 1.1.9  for Tevo Trantula for Stock hardware here :


How to Upload it you your Motherboard , follow this video Tutorial :


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